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SHANGPREE Premium Modeling Mask Review

A review about Korean modeling mask with snail mucin and spirulina SHANGPREE Premium Modeling Mask.
Shangpree – a Korean brand with a very interesting history and goals. Now considered a luxury brand, Shangpree started with a tiny spa-room in Seoul in 1990. Now it’s the most famous (and one of the most expensive) beauty salons in Seoul, which is constantly visited by stars and celebrities.

SHANGPREE Premium Modeling Mask

Every cosmetologist who comes to work in Shangpree, even with 20 years of experience, has to go through three years of training before he/she is allowed to work with clients. The cosmetologists try to be on trend with the latest innovations in the skincare field, and all salon clients were ecstatic when the company finally came out with its own skincare line.

Spa procedure “S Energy treatment” with the use of modeling mask in the salon costs $115. I suggest you recreate this at home for $8 (the cost in a brick and mortar store in my city).

Online this mask can be ordered on eBay or Amazon.

The line has several types, I chose the mask with snail mucin and spiruline. In the ingredients – snail mucin, spiruline, green seaweed chlorella, this mask is ideal for treating inflammation and redness, has a soothing and cooling effect on the skin.
It’s my first modeling mask and I spent a long time choosing who will pop my modeling mask cherry and didn’t go wrong!

The consistency of the mask is very pleasant, it’s easily mixed and applied to the skin, set quickly, you can walk around with it, sit down and do housework, and not just lie down.


The mask consists of two parts – a powder and a jelly. The parts are mixed and the formed jelly is applied to the skin. I kept it on for half an hour, after which I removed it in one piece (!!! that’s super, I don’t like taking off lots of tiny shred).

removed it in one piece

The skin is delicate and hydrated, all redness went away, and in my case no further skincare steps were needed.
Author Bojena Suchareva.

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SHANGPREE Premium Modeling Mask
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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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