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Cleansing oil is recommended for removing BB creams and waterproof makeup. Regular foaming cleansers do not remove BB creams well enough, leaving cosmetic residue in the pores.
Cleansing oil is a mix of various base oils, beneficial additive and an emulsifier.
Because of the emulsifier, the cleansing oil turns into a light emulsion upon contact with water. This emulsion easily washes off the face without leaving an oily film on the skin. More…
A peeling gel is a multifunctional treatment with gently but effectively removes flaking skin, cleanses and shrinks pores, and refreshes the skin, making it healthier and more taken care of.

The main feature of the peeling gel:
After applying the product on the face in massaging motions, the treatment pills into small pieces, which remove dead skin cells without traumatizing the skin.

Peeling gels are suitable for all skin types, and especially beneficial for oily skin. Use peeling gels with care on irritated and inflamed skin.

Toner is the bridge between cleansing and the main skincare. It tones the skin and prepares it for the subsequent moisturizing steps. After the toner, the other treatments are better absorbed. Asian toners are different from European tonics and have a completely different purpose. Tonics are used to cleanse the skin, while toners are meant to moisturize the skin after cleansing and soften its outer layer. This is why Korean toners are often applied with bare hands, pressing the palms to the skin several times to ensure proper absorption.

If you have sensitive skin, choose alcohol-free toner.
Top-5 free alcohol toners.

Essence is the base and the conductor for the subsequent skin care steps. The light texture deeply penetrates the skin and improves the absorption of other treatments. With essence, the whole Korean skincare system works more effectively.

Serum is an intensive skincare treatment. Serums are rich in active ingredients and deeply penetrate the skin for maximum effectiveness. Essence is usually slightly more liquid than the serum.

The concentration of active ingredients in an ampoule is typically higher than in serums or essences. Ampoules are usually used in cycles for intensive care.
Emulsion is one of the key steps in Korean skin care. Emulsions typically contain maximum concentration of active ingredients for a particular line. For example, the lucky owners of oily and combination skin, especially during hot seasons, can stop at this step. For them, emulsion alone is enough to provide complete care.
Cream is the finishing step of the care routine. Cream creates a protective barrier on the surface of the skin and, depending on the type of skin care, supports hydration balance or normalizes oil gland secretions. Creams have the riches ingredient list in the entire line, deeply nourishing and smoothing the skin.
For especially intensive care, Korean women use sleeping packs instead of creams. It’s essentially an equivalent of European night cream, so more intensive than regular cream. Sleeping packs are applied in ample amounts 15-20 minutes before going to bed and leave on the entire night. In the morning, whatever is left is washed off with warm water. The frequency of using such masks is 1-2 times a week.
[panel title="Wash-off Mask/Clay Mask"] Wash-off moisturizing masks are applied for 20-25 minutes, then washed off with cool water.
Wash-off cleansing clay masks are applied for 10-15 minutes on a clean face. If the mask dries too quickly, then spray it with water or a mist. Wash off with cool water.
Effective and easy to use, sheet masks are saturated with serums. In 15-20 you can moisturize and take care of skin. Sheet masks can be used in the morning or in the evening, on a clear face or on top of a serum. Afterwards, gently tap the remaining liquid into the skin with fingertips and apply moisturizing products like cream or emulsion. Sheet masks can be used up to 7 times a day.
Modeling mask is an innovative and miraculous treatment, which helps quickly restore dull skin. The effect from using a modeling mask is comparable to that of salon treatments. 
Algin – a polysaccharide, extracted from brown algae – has the property of turning into a viscous substance, similar in structure to rubber. Algin face and body masks are mostly sold in powder form, which needs to be mixed with water. After application, the mask plasticizes, forming a thick film impenetrable by water and air. The mask is applied for about 30 minutes, then removed without washing off. The hardened mask easily comes off of the skin.
BB stands for “beauty balm” or “blemish balm”. BB-creams have good coverage and work in any season, including cold weather. They hydrate as well as moisturizing creams, which is why they feel closer to cream on the skin than liquid foundation.
The main difference between BB and CC cream is that the former ones are the improved versions of foundation, while the latter ones are advanced correctors with toning effect. CC stands for “color correction”. CC creams, aside from tonal effect, correct skin color, lessening the visibility of redness, pigmentation, post acne marks and appearance of blood vessels. Compared to BB creams, they are called “weightless”, “sheer”, and “light as a veil”. The main purposes of CC cream are hydration, light coverage and basic correction of skin tone.
DD stands for “daily defense”. The main purpose of these products is to ensure good functioning of the lipid barrier on the surface of the skin and to protect the epidermis from the destructive effect of the environment: smaug, emissions, sun radiation and toxic substances. The manufacturers advertise these products as anti-aging, but in reality they are more preventative and should be used to prevent, not correct, signs of aging. And, of course, they also tone the skin, but this time with completely sheer texture, which only slightly affects the skin color.
Tint is a Korean beauty industry invention with high concentration of the color pigment, which has the ability to be absorbed by the skin, giving it a natural, matte color. The intensity of the tint depends on the amount applied.
Cushion is a product that combines foundation, powder, and BB cream. Cushion packaging can contain not only foundation but lip gloss, lipstick, blush, eyeshadow and concealer.
Mist is a spray for face or body.
Mist’s main functions:
Hydrates and freshens the skin.
Sets the makeup and makes it look more natural.
Can be applied on clear skin or over makeup.

Niacinamide (nicotinamide, nicotinic acid amide, vitamin PP, vitamin B3) is a water-soluble vitamin B3. It’s an ingredient that helps resolve skin’s main issues, such as age spots, inflammations, early wrinkles; it has long been actively used in Korean cosmetics.
More in post Korean cosmetics with niacinamide.

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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