• Atomy Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++ Review

    The most bulletproof Korean sunscreen Atomy. This sunscreen has 4 filters, two physical (zinc oxide, titanium dioxide) and two chemical (octinoxate, octisalate). Protection of SPF50+ PA+++ from UVB and UVA2 rays. This is maximum protection even for fair skin and skin prone to pigmentation. РезюмеАвтор Mila BenikovДата обзора 2018-08-17Название Atomy Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++ Рейтинг 5

  • Innisfree Whitening pore skin review

    It’s been a long time since I’ve held checkers *groans*. I haven’t had a chance to write reviews lately. But! I can’t keep hiding my love for Innisfree Whitening pore skin from you much longer. As I’ve written before, some time ago I found barely visible pigmentation spots on my cheeks. Since then, my purchases have shifted toward really whitening products and not just simply those that even out the overall skin tone. РезюмеАвтор Daria BobkovaДата обзора 2018-08-14Название Innisfree Whitening pore skinРейтинг 5

  • Innisfree Pocket Shake Modeling Mask review

    New from Innisfree – cooling modeling masks. The masks consist of two parts, which form a modeling paste upon mixing. They are very easy to use. РезюмеАвтор Mila BenikovДата обзора 2018-08-12Название Innisfree Pocket Shake Modeling MaskРейтинг 5

  • Eyenlip Black Snail All in One cream review

    I found a replacement for my irreplaceable summer cream Mizon All in One. I have capricious sensitive skin with an oily t-zone. Picking an appropriate cream is difficult. But I liked this one from the first use. I need the cream to get absorbed completely, not make the skin oily and prevent inflammation. Eyenlip Black Snail All in One cream does all of that. РезюмеАвтор Mila BenikovДата обзора 2018-08-09Название Eyenlip Black Snail All in One creamРейтинг 5

  • IOPE Hyaluronic Serum review

    This is an ultra hydrating and strengthening serum with hyaluronic capsules and birch juice. It’s meant to restore and hydrate thin, sensitive skin by activating barrier function and retaining moisture. РезюмеАвтор Mila BenikovДата обзора 2018-08-03Название IOPE Hyaluronic SerumРейтинг 5

  • Innisfree My Hair Recipe Strength Tonic Essence review

    A beloved subject again – hair – from the outsider’s perspective it might look thick and amazing naturally. I hear such compliments often, but it’s a very serious, daily task for me. I’m constanly in search of something new that could make my hair look taken care of. If I let them do their thing, then they turn into something thin, fluffy and going unpredictably in different directions. РезюмеАвтор Anna LeventalДата обзора 2018-07-31Название Innisfree My Hair Recipe Strength Tonic EssenceРейтинг 5

  • LANEIGE Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask review

    Of course, it was no accident that I picked the night mask by Korean brand LANEIGE. This luxury cosmetic brand is quite complex with it’s cutting edge technologies and latest developments in cosmetology and cosmeceuticals. In much higher price brackets than what we are used to seeing in Korean cosmetics. РезюмеАвтор Anna LeventalДата обзора 2018-07-28Название LANEIGE Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask Рейтинг 5

  • Hydrogel Eyenlip Eye Patches – comparison

    I use patches on the eyes, forehead and nasolabial folds almost every day, so I buy different kinds often. The new line of hydrating patches from the Eyenlip brand. The line has 5 types, I’ve tried three. I liked all varieties of the patches. They are thin, elastic, stay on the skin well without sliding. They stay moist for a long time and hydrate the lids well.

  • Korean anti-aging cosmetics: types and how to choose

    It is no secret that the most popular facial products in Korea aim at lightening pigmentation and anti-aging. An interesting fact – you won’t find a serum “for women after 40 years old” or cream “for aging skin 60+” from Korean manufacturers. Koreans believe, that one should first and foremost focus on the state of the skin, not on the “passport age”. Some need anti-aging care at 25, others – only at 40.

  • Korean routines by skin type – examples

    It can be quite hard for a beginner to come up with a full routine. I hope that ready-to-use, and, most importantly, working routines will help you in correctly picking out skincare products. In our Korean Tricks group Irine Kor recently started a flash mob – “A relay race of one day of summer skincare or OMG! All of this has been on my face in one day!” 19 ladies from 8 countries shared their Korean skincare routines. For ease of navigation, the routines are grouped by skin types and concerns. Let’s go 🙂

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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