Inna Patrakova

Inna Patrakova

I’m a writer, a freelance author for women's magazines, and a recent blogger. I live in Finland, adore raccoons and Korean cosmetics, which I test on myself and anyone else around. I think nothing smoothes wrinkles better than Korean cosmetics and laughter!

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  • NOT4U Real Skin Patch review

    NOT4U Real Skin Patch is a liquid patch for inflammation care and a film makeup base for troubled skin. Legends about this product by a Korean brand with a weird name NOT4U are circulating the web. Only very lazy video bloggers still haven’t made a video about it. And while American beauty gurus prance around the skin, entertaining the masses taking off “second skin” and collect millions of likes and “Eeew!” comments, Korean women have quietly and humbly made it into one of their favorite makeup bag products. And you and I will calmly figure […]

  • Korean line for young post acne skin

    Playing house or experimenting on the kid. And so my and the kid’s experiment has concluded. The main goal for the mom was to “cover up with the concealer” the fact that she didn’t teach her own offspring how to take proper care of the face. For the kid the goal was to receive a whole set of skincare products, which is also occasionally restocked with new items. For one month, Alisa used the regimen of multi-step Korean skincare that I had selected for her.

  • Purito Serums review

    I finished off two of my Japanese serums – with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid – and immediately found a replacement, several times cheaper, but with no sacrifices in quality. I have tested samples of these serums a long time ago and was so pleased that I decided to buy the full sizes.

  • Dr.Jart+ Dermask Laugh Line Lift™ and the entire lifting patch line

    These are patented nasolabial patches from the famous Korean brand Dr.Jart+. I’ve heard good quality praising reviews about this brand’s patches for a long time, but haven’t used them until recently. Too bad. This is the second type of nasolabial patches (out of a huge variety) that work well for my skin. I’ll post a separate review about the first type. This line has lifting patches for: – Eyes – Double chin – Nasolabial folds This line also has blackhead removal patches.

  • Skin Republic Sheet Mask Lineup

    Skin Republic is a Korean brand that is already well known in European countries. I buy their sheet masks at a pharmacy in the middle of nowhere in Finland. Ok, it’s not Europe, but not exactly Asia either. Skin Republic combines the latest technological advances in the skincare field with natural regenerating ingredients. It provides great sheet masks for face, eyes, neck and decolletage, and also hands and feet.

  • A kitty beauty box “Milli and Casper”

    A new month is here, meaning a new beauty box is ready for my kid. For those of you who doesn’t know about our tradition – to avoid throwing away countless unneeded bottles and testers from existing beauty boxes, I put together my own beauty box for my kid.

  • A Delicious Korean Menu for Our Skin

    The beauty secrets of Korean and Japanese beauties haven’t been so secret to us for a long time. We all know that the reasons for their beauty and youth are not the mysterious “asian genes”, but dietary habits and an excellent skincare routine. So I asked myself – what parts of Korean menu can we find not in a restaurant, but on a sheet mask shelf?

  • My Favorite Korean Sunscreens

    So, Korean tricksters, did you think that the summer is ending so it’s time to put away all the sunscreen tubes until next summer? Think again. First of all, there are ladies who live in the countries where winter is as far as the Chinese border. Second of all, fall and winter are important seasons for skin rejuvenation. Because RETINOL. And without sun protection, we will all look like a herd of cute and smooth, but very spotted giraffes.

  • September Beauty Box

    My kid loves beauty boxes. I love them too, but as an older and more practical lady, I know that a beautiful box filled with colorful papers that we open with trembling from excitement hands, most of the bottles will accumulate in the bathroom as useless clutter. But the money will be spent, while you could buy something actually useful and really cool with it. So the kid and I started a tradition – I put together a monthly beauty box for her.

  • 50 is the new… GINSENG!

    I don’t like the saying comparing women to berries. Let’s imagine how quickly berries wilt and shrivel. But the ginseng root doesn’t shrivel. It doesn’t really change much, maintaining its healing properties. Especially if the ginseng is fermented, with gold and a whole “army” of skin-rejuvenating components.

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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