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Mila Ben

    Hadera Israel

I’m a beauty bloggers and build sites in my free time. I specialize exclusively on Korean cosmetics. Risking my health and well-being, I love testing any products on myself, even those completely unknown to science (such as dinosaur scale tincture). I’m happy owner of a zoo of two dogs, a cat, and a huge snail with a royal name Foublya. I live in the sunny country of Israel.

Inna Patrakova

    Espoo Finland

I’m a writer, a freelance author for women's magazines, and a recent blogger. I live in Finland, adore raccoons and Korean cosmetics, which I test on myself and anyone else around. I think nothing smoothes wrinkles better than Korean cosmetics and laughter!

Daria Bobkova

    Severodvinsk Russia

I live in Severodvinsk on the coast of one of the seas of the Arctic Ocean. When I’m not working, I write articles about cosmetics. It’s my hobby. I prefer the scientific approach and trust the usual placebo-controlled studies. I don’t like homemade cosmetics. I have used Korean cosmetics for at least 5 years.

Anna Levental

    Qiryat Ono Israel

My name is Anna and I’m a mom of three wonderful, already grown up girls. And recently I have seriously gotten into Korean cosmetics. I intend to try everything and share my experiences with you here. I am already forty five, but would like to look twenty years younger. So, onward, to new experiments!

Liudmila Johnson

    Omaha, Nebraska

I'm a cost accountant by day and a Korean cosmetics enthusiast by night. If it can be applied to skin, hair, or nails, then I want to know more about it! I'm a geek at heart, so I take forever learning about the ingredients and the science behind why and how they work. I lived the first half of my life in Russia and now reside in the USA. And I translate all the articles on this site from Russian to English. Let's experiment together!

Irene Kor

    Jerusalem Israel

I live in Jerusalem. My education is in biostatistics. I love reading scientific research and learning new things, testing new items on myself and share my impressions. I love Korean cosmetics tenderly for their effectiveness and want to share my experiences. What if they are useful to you too?

Katya Lin

    Oranit Israel

Hospitality & lifestyle photographer. I love creating aesthetic, high quality images and my passion is telling visual stories that inspire people. I focus on hospitality and lifestyle photography- subjects such as interiors, food, travel & people and my images are usually used for branding and marketing.

Igor Benikov

Internet    Tel-Aviv Israel

I’m not too into Korean cosmetics recently - I tend to drink whisky to improve my skin tone, plus constantly expand emacs. But then my wife (the one above, with the dog) asked, so I made her a site in wordpress. And then again, I have an artsy hat and brutal beard, so I appear here on this page.

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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