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Mila Ben

I’m a beauty bloggers and build sites in my free time. I specialize exclusively on Korean cosmetics. Risking my health and well-being, I love testing any products on myself, even those completely unknown to science (such as dinosaur scale tincture). I’m happy owner of a zoo of two dogs, a cat, and a huge snail with a royal name Foublya. I live in the sunny country of Israel.

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  • the SAEM Power Spot Vitamin Cream Review

    I ordered a spot treatment cream hoping to lighten pigmentation spots, but sadly couldn’t use it. The manufacturer promised that the cream will lighten troubled areas (pigmentation spots, post acne marks, etc), give the skin a healthy glow and even out the skin tone. Another selling point was that the cream could be used not only as a spot treatment but also as an eye cream and as a normal face cream.

  • Ciracle Radiance Whitening Essence Review

    Our summer is here and despite tons of sunscreen, my freckles are coming and coming 🙂 I stashed retinol and acids into the far corner of the cabinet and got out this whitening essence by Korean brand Ciracle. The essence is based on whitening mediterranean seaweed extracts. It will make the skin glow, get rid of dull coloring and will provide intense hydration. A so called safe alternative to cosmetics with synthetic whitening components.

  • Missha Misa Yoryeo Whitening Sun Cream SPF50+ Review

    A hydrating and whitening sun protection cream with a strong SPF to improve skin tone Missha Yoryeo Whitening Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++. Suitable for skin with freckles, spots and defects and also for very light skin that burns quickly.

  • Ciracle Anti-Redness K rosacea cosmetics review

    Ciracle Anti-Redness K is a soothing line for rosacea and sensitive, couperose-prone skin. The line not only soothes and reduces irritation and dryness but also reduces redness.

  • Ray:dear LED patches review

    K-Beauty Expo 2017 in Seoul say an interesting new thing – LED patches. Two weeks later, I had them. This cosmetic device combines IT technology with technologies from world renowned cosmetics manufacturers. A beautiful box includes the patches themselves, a charger, gel serum and a set of double sided stickers.

  • Morning and evening skincare routines for sensitive skin

    I have combination, sensitive skin prone to redness. Oily sheen, pores clog up immediately, when it’s hot, small pimples appear. Pink undertone and a few capillaries close to the skin on the cheeks. Easily irritable skin, the face often turns red after a shower and when I’m nervous.

  • Korean sleeping packs. How to choose one?

    If the product has Sleeping Pack, Overnight Mask or Night Mask in the name, then it’s an overnight. What is an Sleeping Pack? These masks are meant for intensive care during the night. They are easy to use, don’t take a lot of time, help keep the skin ideally hydrated while you are asleep. Unlike night creams, masks are used only 1-2 times a week.

  • Morning and Evening Routines for Sensitive Skin

    And then I realized that I’m a maniac 🙂 I’ve been planning to post about my morning and evening routines for a long time. I hope that my attempt to systematize all of my korean tricks will be successful and I’ll piece this puzzle together 🙂

  • Korean Cosmetics After 60

    A huge brag from my mom! Three months ago I put together Korean skincare regimen for my mom, and now she sends me daily selfies and says she gets younger every day. About her: 61 years old, aging skin prone to dryness and pigmentation. Before – Nivea cream morning and nights and complete neglect of sun protection. Now – uses all steps of Korean skincare daily (I made her cheat sheets for morning and evening routines). In two months, the skin became refreshed, hydrated and visibly lighter.

  • Korean Rose Masks

    I use sheet masks every day and love variety. I cannot imaging a full skincare routine for aging skin without sheet masks – it’s an effective daily hydration boost with various other bonuses. I also love cosmetics containing rose. I usually arrange my masks in a strict order, but often pick out ones with this component “out of order”. Here are three great rose masks from well known brands that I’ve been familiar with for a long time.

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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