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Ray:dear LED patches review

K-Beauty Expo 2017 in Seoul say an interesting new thing – LED patches. Two weeks later, I had them.
This cosmetic device combines IT technology with technologies from world renowned cosmetics manufacturers. A beautiful box includes the patches themselves, a charger, gel serum and a set of double sided stickers.

led patches

A device to spot treat troubled skin and reduce wrinkles
– To prevent aging
– To fight wrinkles
– To heal acne (from light to moderate stages): calms irritation, reduces existing marks and prevents the formation of new ones
– To heal damaged skin
– To reduce redness and inflammation

led patches

Ray:dear is an LED-based therapeutic beauty device. LED therapy increases blood flow to the targeted area and affects skin cells, including stimulating regeneration by mobilizing the cells for collagen and elastin production. Aids in quick healing of damaged skin and has a pronounced antibacterial effect.

patches on the hand

How to use:
Charge the LED-patches with the charged. The device is fully charged when the blue indicators light up.


Apply a bit of serum to the troubled areas.


Use the double sided patches to attach the LED-devices to the skin.

double sided patches

double sided patches

Press the button once to activate the regular mode (works for around 90 minutes).
Press the button twice to activate the deep mode (works for around 40 minutes).
Each device weighs only 4 grams, comfortably adheres to the skin and doesn’t fall off. You can comfortably go about your day, bringing joy to the family with your alien appearance.

The set has two devices, I typically adhere them to the crow’s feet area, and then move them to the nasolabial folds after 20 minutes, trying to get two birds with one stone.

The wrinkle reduction result is promised after a month of daily use. In several months, I have used them about 15 times. To be honest, it’s a lot of hassle, and the results from regular hydrogel patches is visible immediately, unlike from this new technology.
Another con:
A high price. Hard to find if you want to purchase.
Small area of effect (the patch diameter is about 2cm).

double sided stickers

The double sided stickers have to be purchased separately, and they are impossible to find and can’t be replaced with anything else.

Such a pretty toy, but nothing more.

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Ray:dear LED patches
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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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