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Purito Serums review

I finished off two of my Japanese serums – with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid – and immediately found a replacement, several times cheaper, but with no sacrifices in quality.
I have tested samples of these serums a long time ago and was so pleased that I decided to buy the full sizes.

Purito Serum

Purito brand (from the word “pure”) was founded in 2013, and it got a lot done since that time. These two serums are already comfortably sitting on the “classics” shelf. This is a “green” brand making cosmetics without so-called “chemicals”. Their products are made without parabens, ethanol, synthetic dyes and fragrances, triclosan and other cosmetic ingredients that aren’t suitable for all skin types.

For variety, I ordered a snail mucin serum in addition to the vitamin C one. I already have hyaluronic acid in other products and sheet masks. I use up to three different serums in the same line. I alternate them.
I found my serums (or they found me) on eopenmarket.com, but they are also available on eBay and Amazon.

Purito Pure Vitamin C Serum
A great serum! I’m not super into organic cosmetics, but here I can definitely see that it’s working.

What this serum can do:
– Fights wrinkles and lines
– Reduces pigmentation spots earned by an insatiable friendship with UV rays
– Contains a complex that makes the skin glow from within
– Nourishes and hydrates the skin
– Reduces the appearance of post acne marks and scars

The bottle contains 60ml (vs my Japanese 30ml for 80 euro) and it’s made in accordance with the vitamin C storage guidelines. The bottle has a dispensing pump and is made from dark plastic. You should store it in a dark, cool place.
I’m noticing a strange reaction to the scent of this treatment among other bloggers, but to me it smells no stronger than my Japanese one. I’m not sure what harm can come from the scent of pharmacy vitamins. Why can’t a serum with vitamin C smell the same? 🙂
The product has a light yellow appearance, which makes me happy, because oxidized vitamin C serums have a dark orange look and have no benefits.

Purito Serum

It’s one of those serums where you don’t have to wait to see results – the deep layer changes will be seen as the skin renews, but a great appearance is noticeable right away.
The skin smoothes and looks youthful.
Some people can experience slight stinging, but for me it goes on smoothly.
This product will work well for any age of skin with wrinkles, pigmentation, acne spots, dull appearance and lack of natural glow.

PURITO Snail Repair Advanced 91 Serum
Serum with snail mucin extract, multifunctional with a high concentration of snail filtrate – 91%.

Purito Serum


What this serum can do (it’s easier to write what it CAN NOT do):
– Anti-aging effect
– Reduces breakouts, acne and post acne, scars, stretch marks, crow’s feet, mimic lines, pigmentation.
– Makes the skin healthier, nourishes it, hydrates, tones, has a pronounced anti-aging effect
– Reduces enlarged pores and regulates sebum production
– Has a lightening effect
– Stimulates cellular renewal
– Heals inflammation, pimples, acne, and damaged skin

Anti-aging and lightening effects are approved by KFDA (Korean Food and Drug Administration), the official Korean organization that controls the quality and effectiveness of cosmetic products. It has a uniquely rich ingredient list, 99% of which is natural.
I like it very very very much.
The serum has a pleasant and rich texture. It looks like a clear tear, isn’t snotty like most of snail mucin products, gets absorbed immediately.
I use snail treatments in cycles – no more than a month at a time. I categorize them as medicinal and potent treatments. Can’t live without them, but shouldn’t consume too much either.
You can also use this serum in a complex with other products. For example, add a few drops to your favorite cream or add it to a mask to increase its effectiveness.

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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