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NOT4U Real Skin Patch review

NOT4U Real Skin Patch is a liquid patch for inflammation care and a film makeup base for troubled skin.
Legends about this product by a Korean brand with a weird name NOT4U are circulating the web. Only very lazy video bloggers still haven’t made a video about it. And while American beauty gurus prance around the skin, entertaining the masses taking off “second skin” and collect millions of likes and “Eeew!” comments, Korean women have quietly and humbly made it into one of their favorite makeup bag products. And you and I will calmly figure out what it is, like adults.

You can order these liquid patches on eBay or Amazon.

NOT4U Real Skin Patch

NOT4U Real Skin Patch is not a toy for entertaining the crowd with your “second skin”, but an anti-breakout film. Many ladies (and I’m no exception) use these clear Korean or Japanese stickers for single unpleasant “surprises”. They have various levels of effectiveness, but the best of them make the zit unnoticeable and heal it, preventing makeup and environmental pollution from getting into the infected area and make it worse.

The patches are successful in all of that, but what about girls who have inflamed widespread acne? Get covered in patches and walk around looking like an amanita mushroom? And how can you apply makeup to these thin, elastic, but clear round patches?

Nothing we can’t solve here, said Koreans. And made liquid healing pimple patches. It contains natural ingredients – 60% of the treatment is tea tree oil, famous and trusted to heal and soothe painful and sensitive skin.
The second active ingredient is unknown to me madecassoside. It’s a molecular extract of Asian centella, widely used in Chinese medicine. It has a rejuvenating, healing and anti-inflammatory effects due to increasing natural collagen production.
Also contains sea buckthorn extract – a well known traditional wound healing and soothing ingredients.

While the traditional pimple patches are 0.4mm thick and have well defined edges, the film patch is 0.05mm thick on average and has smoothed edges.
The package looks like something from a pharmacy and not by accident – this treatment is for acne or inflamed skin. HEALTHY SKIN DOES NOT NEED THIS TREATMENT unless we are talking about frequent single pimples. In that case, it also works well.

The dispenser is made well to prevent us from sticking our hands into the product.
It’s easy to use – apply a drop onto cleansed skin (you may apply toner and serum but let them absorb first). Wait for it to dry – depending on your generosity and experience, it can take 3 to 5 minutes. Cover it up, if desired, with BB cream in cushion form with light pats without rubbing. Use the “pat pat pat” method, as if a small fluffy mouse was walking on your skin.

On the left is my skin before, on the right – with liquid patches and BB cream.

my skin before

with liquid patches and BB cream

Don’t scrape the treatment off the skin the way vloggers do! This can damage the skin and worsen the inflammation, spreading the infection. It’s easily removed with cleansing oil (remember how this is oil based?). On my face, the patch lasted all day. The edges didn’t lift. There was no pulling feeling.

And now let’s move on to the makeup application of this treatment. I often see girls with acne who cover the face with a thick layer of makeup. As in – she would rub her face and a piece of pink clear skin would show. Most often, these layers are applied right over a freshly burst or freshly squeezed pus ball. BB cream mixed with pus isn’t just unattractive. It’s very dangerous for the skin. It’s not the girls’ fault – they want and have the right to be very beautiful. Every girl with acne probably understands that makeup hinders the healing process. But can’t leave the house without it for aesthetic reasons. So it becomes a cycle. These gel patches will greatly help you with this.

The main purpose of this patch isn’t cosmetic (even though that also exists) but healing and protection of inflamed skin. The gel with healing herbs in the ingredients will cover the inflammation. Other than the annoying colorants from the patch, nothing else will get into it. At the same time, this gel isn’t like an impenetrable seran wrap, under which infection will keep growing. It does allow airflow to the skin.
To apply to large areas, you do have to get some experience. I managed it from the first time scrupulously following instructions.

How to use:
1. The face has to be either clean and dry or all applied treatments have to be absorbed.
2. Obviously, it’s hard to use the applicator over the entire face, so I applied it with clean hands for an even layer. Try not to go over the same spot twice as that will prevent the film from forming.
3. Waiting at least 15 minutes. 15 minutes is what’s listed in the instructions. You have to give the treatment time to “get used to” the skin. You may feel a slight pulling sensation while the gel forms. It will pass.
4. This clear “band-aid” has no effect on the skin tone. You can apply cushion BB cream over this “second skin”, but only in light “patting” or “tapping” motions. You should save brushes, sponges, and any treatments that require a back and forth rubbing motion for a different day.
5. I didn’t apply powder over it. It doesn’t produce any oily shine, and I think that a thick layer of powder would make the gel heavier and prevent it from last long.
6. As I’ve already mentioned, you can’t rip this makeup off with hands. I’ve seen videos where girls did just that – judging by the thick layer, the gel wasn’t applied correctly or was topped with an excess of decorative makeup. In reality, the film is so thin that it’s hard to get a hold of with nails. This is all I could achieve 🙂

I washed this off with my regular Japanese cleanser.
Any cleansing oil and oil-based makeup remover or cream will also work.
The results are stunning. It becomes clear how sometimes the Korean vloggers fool us 🙂 If you take into account that I’m over 50 and this gel visually really improved my skin, then think about what it does for young Korean girls 🙂
But the most interesting part was still ahead. I applied makeup only to half of my face, and when I took it off, that half of the face became much lighter and looked more even toned than the other half. I decided that if the effect lasts, I will have to treat the other side of the face as well 🙂 But by morning this drastic difference dissipated. But still, the skin was less irritated than on the untreated half.

Verdict – it’s unnecessary for healthy skin. If you have healthy skin, then this gel will only be useful for singular eruptions. It’s meant for 500 spot uses and is good for a year after opening. If you don’t get 500 zits in a year, then you don’t need this.
This isn’t a wrinkle filler. In some ways, it allows better makeup pore coverage, but it’s not the intention. It’s also not an anti-aging product. If you see ads for this treatment that promise anti-aging, those ads are misleading.
Don’t use it to cover up freckles. And, in general, freckles are individual and very beautiful.
For acne prone skin with regular breakouts – with the basic manual labor skills – it’s a saving grace.

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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