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Korean line for young post acne skin

Playing house or experimenting on the kid.
And so my and the kid’s experiment has concluded. The main goal for the mom was to “cover up with the concealer” the fact that she didn’t teach her own offspring how to take proper care of the face. For the kid the goal was to receive a whole set of skincare products, which is also occasionally restocked with new items.
For one month, Alisa used the regimen of multi-step Korean skincare that I had selected for her.

The starting point:
Alisa has combination skin, prone to oiliness on the nose, forehead and chin and slightly dry on the cheeks. She often has stand alone pimples, and there are post acne spots on the cheeks and chin. The skin doesn’t have a healthy glow, is slightly grey and dull. The nose is full of blackheads. From the daily heavy use of makeup, the pores are clogged, the skin looks displeased and tired.
Overall – nothing too catastrophic, a fairly normal condition for a modern young girl who applies makeup liberally, eats fast food and works a lot. For example, our daily lineup:
I picked the products using the old medical dogma of “Do no harm”, because according to asian beauty gurus, young skin doesn’t need a lot of care, cleansing and hydration are enough.
I trusted the cleansing to an awesome Near Skin pH Balancing Cleansing Oil which I use myself, and to the youth-oriented popular brand Holika Holika, from which I chose two eggs – Smooth Egg Skin Cleansing Foam and Smooth Egg Skin Peeling.

Smooth Egg Skin Cleansing

Smooth Egg Skin Peeling

I entrusted the hydration of the kid’s skin to the seasoned and well-known brand Missha. It’s their famous Super Aqua Ice Tear line.

Super Aqua Ice Tear

I picked the toner separately, specifically for her troubled skin and stopped at Super Aqua Anti-Trouble Formula to avoid breaking up the lineup and because it really is very good. In general, my opinion is that staying with the same skincare line can provide better results than a separately picked rainbow of bottles. With all due respect to the readers and their abilities to learn about cosmetology, Korean cosmetologists are still much better than we are at pairing ingredients that are best for the skin.

The kid’s skincare lineup:

  • Near Skin pH Balancing Cleansing Oil eBay Amazon
  • Smooth Egg Skin Cleansing Foam Holika Holika eBay Amazon
  • Smooth Egg Skin Peeling от Holika Holika eBay Amazon
  • MISSHA Super Aqua Anti-Trouble Formula Control Toner eBay
  • All In One Snail Repair Cream Mizon. eBay Amazon
    *At first, the kid used a snail cream for two weeks to get rid of post acne spots, then switched over to an emulsion. I see snail treatments as medicinal and don’t recommend them to the kid except in cycles.
  • Missha Super Aqua Ice Tear Emulsion. eBay Amazon
  • Missha Super Aqua Relief Eye Cream
  • Missha Black Ghassoul Tightening Mask eBay
  • TonyMoly Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack eBay Amazon

So that’s the multi-step Korean routine.
What the mom, who can spend up to five hours a day on self care, imagined:
That the kid will perform all procedures and rituals twice a day
That she will use the peeling gel twice a week
That she will use the blackhead mask once a week at a minimum and that she will use sheet masks.

What the kid has decided: Yeah, right 🙂 🙂

A wholehearted confession discovered the following:
1. The Korean multi-step routine was performed once a day, in the evening, because “I didn’t have enough time in the morning”.
2. The word “peeling” causes furrowed eyebrows and fruitless attempts to remember that that is.
3. The blackhead/enlarged pores mask was used: “Once! I forgot about it completely. Whoops!”.
4. Sheet masks were used three times.

The kid said her favorites were:
1. Banana sleeping pack – she loves the delicate fragrance!
2. Toner “It’s the best, so refreshing!”
3. The snail cream “Mommy, it’s not made of snails, right?”

Despite this nonsense and the fact that the experiment should be called Half-Experiment with Half-Korean Half-Multistep Half-Skincare Routine, the results made us both very happy. From the kid’s side I even got an ashamed “don’t write yet, I’ll do it more”. Yeah RIGHT!
The radical changed in pictures meant to sell you the product and our modest “hobbyist-experimenter” results is a comparison of a finger with what we typically sit on. So we won’t be giving you “wow, run and buy!” pictures. But there are changes.

What changed:
1. The kid’s skin started to glow from within
2. Post acne marks on the cheeks disappeared
3. Besides yuckies on the chin (where, I’m sure, two little hands tried to dig for the meaning of life), the face got much more clear.
4. The nose shines with a healthy shine and doesn’t have any blackheads.
5. The pores got smaller.

But the main thing is that the kid got into it and became interested not only in decorative makeup (which she has scores of) but also in skincare.
And it’s also cool that we got even closer. Because it’s the worst when you have nothing interesting in common with the child.

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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