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Do our hydrating masks actually hydrate?!

Hydration is essential to preserving the youth of any skin type: dry, normal, and oily (oily skin, despite the theories of some girls, can easily be dehydrated as well). Sometimes, it’s so hard to decide if a cosmetic product is a good fit for our skin. Maybe it’s the placebo effect – when we start to think that the treatment is working because our friends are praising it. Or if it’s very expensive.
In the past, the effectiveness could be measured in numbers only in the cosmetologist’s chair. But now, thanks to Asians, we can do it in our own bathroom.

In the past, the effectiveness could be measured in numbers only in the cosmetologist’s chair. But now, thanks to Asians, we can do it in our own bathroom.
And, if we aren’t lazy (and we shouldn’t be lazy, since this has to do with our beauty and the health of our skin), we can measure the effectiveness of every one of our sheet masks and all other products. And, no matter what we are being advised, we will know what actually works on our own skin.
The Digital Moisture Monitor For Skin SK-IV is very affordable, comfortable, and easy to use.
You can buy it on eBay or Amazon.

Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s take a look at this smart device together.
This is what the packaging looks like. Everything is very precise. I was expecting a tattered packaging of bubble wrap from a device bought on eBay.


The view of the inside. Looks like the batteries got left out. But it’s ok, I don’t get upset easily.

view of the inside

Here’s the clean and neat device. You can see the part that comes in contact with the skin and reads the measurements.

the part that comes in contact with the skin

Very clear operating instructions.


A detailed table with hydration levels based on time of the year. Face, hands, and everything else 🙂

A detailed table

It’s very easy to use.
Push the device against the skin (the pressure is necessary for a proper reading), wait for a gentle beep. Then look at the device, and either get excited about our cosmetics choice or start the mourning process. I got a fairly good result on dry, clean skin, after waiting about an hour to let it restore itself. If you take into account that I very diligently use skin care treatments, then it’s fairly normal for my age and our climate.

Reading of hydration and oiliness of the skin:


[wc_column size=”one-half” position=”first”]



[wc_column size=”one-half” position=”last”]




I decided to test one very cool mask that has different Korean technologies. This one 🙂

I took a reading right after using the mask and almost fell off my chair. The device showed 78.3% hydration!
After a few minutes it fell to 57% and remained there.
The effect is very noticeable and the mask is beautiful!

This little device provides a real, non-fictional picture of the hydration and oil levels of our skin. It also doesn’t let companies fool us with advertisement, since we can test any sheet or hydrogel mask, and any other treatments right at home.
For those with oily skin, it would be interesting to see how well sebum-control treatments work.
It costs very little, but will help you save lots of money.
And… it’s super cool to play with it 🙂
I hope that I gave many of you an interesting idea to introduce scientific progress and variety into your skincare.

Your Inna 🙂

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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