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Korean Trick Picnic

Spa procedures, snail massage and eye masks in the center of Tel Aviv 🙂
That’s exactly how the first meeting of our Korean Tricks group went.

We decided to meet in Sharon. It’s a very beautiful part of the city with cute cafes, wineries and restaurants, with ponds and lawns right in the center of the city. The weather was great and sunny, +27C with a warm wind.

Korean Trick Picnic

It turned into a real picnic with cheese, wine and fresh bread. The girls brought homemade cookies, muffins, fruit and an incredibly delicious homemade apple pie.

And of course there was lots of korean skincare. It’s very interesting to see who uses what, to share experiences and opinions. And of course to try something new, for example collagen eye patches. I think the girls look very good with them on 🙂

The picnic’s guest of honor was a huge snail named Foublya. Snail massage is said to smooth wrinkles, heal inflammation and reduce irritation, tightening the skin and making it silky and fresh. Japanese beauty salons were the first to practice snail massage. Korean brands make whole lines of skincare with snail mucin.
Those who risked it really enjoyed the massage 🙂

It was the very first meeting of the Korean Tricks group, but we are sure it was not the last. Don’t miss the announcement of new get togethers.

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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